Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Sale is Complete

We finished the sale tonight -- a great event with a great finish, and over 236,000 in sales.  WOW.

When the sale is over, I feel a rush of exhaustion afterwards.  All the excitement, gearing up, adrenaline, and putting yourself out there for the last month or so has ended, and the end of it makes that excitement just run right out of you like water out of a cooler.

I'm so proud of Alan, I'm so excited that people believed enough in our program to actually bid on these heifers using their money.  I'm happy that we have found homes for these calves that we have birthed, broke, fed, and loved on for the last few months.  That's what we raised them for.

And they are going all over the country, and out of the country.  People from California, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Ontario, Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri all now own our heifers.

Now, on to the next project.

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